Crown Cup London

Crown Cup London
September 28th, 2023
London, United Kingdom

Crown Cup Dubai

World ProAm SuperStars Championship
10th-11th of February, 2024
Dubai, UAE

Crown Cup Barcelona

2nd of June, 2024
Barcelona, Spain
Coming Soon

Crown Cup Vilnius

ProAm Championship
26th of August, 2023
Vilnius, Lithuania
Coming Soon

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Our every event is captured in video so moments from our events can be relived any time.

Crown Cup Vilnius video

Crown Cup Vilnius International Dance competition holds a very dear place in our hearts. After all, it all began here in the capital of Lithuania. Each year Crown Event Management group welcomes international ProAm dancers to this beautiful country where they can enjoy the ever growing European ProAm Championship.

Crown Cup Dubai video

Crown Cup Dubai International ProAm Competition is a unique experience for our clients. Each year we provide the opportunity for ProAm dancers to visit this fabulous United Arab Emirate country, experience the culture and enjoy one of the Top ProAm competitions around the globe.

Crown Cup Barcelona video

Crown Cup Barcelona ProAm and Professional dance competition is one of our largest events in Europe. With beautiful Spanish atmosphere, venue hotel in a rustic town of Sitges and the best dancing couples from all over the world - this event is not to be missed!


Crown Cup competitions are run by a family with a long lasting Dance Heritage History. Over the years, we could not be more happy to see our “family” expanding with each competition, by welcoming more and more International Dancers, Adjudicators and Staff members.

The vision

Crown Event Management Group has a very clear vision to organise top International events around the globe. We strive to maintain the highest possible customer service for all our clients and promise to deliver the best possible experience for all participants in our events around the world.


We could not deliver the events in such a high standard without feedback from our clients. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about any of our events, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.